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Other Resources and Scholarship Searches

Scholarship websites offer research tools that can help you find leads on potential scholarships for which you may want to apply. Keep in mind that when utilizing an online scholarship search, you are not guaranteed a scholarship. The searches are merely a way to inform you of available scholarships that match your personal profile. Once you complete the free scholarship search, you will see a list of scholarships for which you should be eligible and all the information you need to apply.




Hispanic Scholarship Fund

United Negro College Fund

Georgia Career Information Center


       The Cambridge High School PTSA is pleased to offer seven $500 scholarships to the graduating class of 2020. The             application window is now open. Click HERE for the application. Please see below for criteria.

Minimum Criteria: Successful applicants must demonstrate these minimum qualifications:

- Academic achievement - a cumulative average minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

- Good Citizenship - by having no ISS or OSS suspension in his/her high school career

- Progress toward the current graduating class with appropriate credits to graduate

- Current member of the PTSA (included in Senior Dues)

Additional Criteria: Successful applicants may also demonstrate the following:

- Leadership with the school and/or community

- Outstanding employment history and evaluations

- A commitment to community service

- Outstanding contributions to extracurricular activities 


HOW TO APPLY: Complete this application (all entries must be typed) and send to


Additional requirements: Two recommendation letters, one from a Cambridge High School teacher focusing on your work in the classroom, the second must focus on an extracurricular activity. Links to these recommendation forms are included in the Application Steps listed on page 3 of this application.

DEADLINE: Submit completed application by 4:00 pm on Monday, February 24, 2020.

    Review the websites for the Colleges and universities to which you are applying. Many institutions have specific school-based scholarships and information is typically found under the Financial Aid/Scholarship link on their website. Many schools have priority deadlines to be considered for scholarships, so be aware of those dates! 

    Look into any scholarship opportunities that may be available through your place of employment, your parents' place of employment, through community groups where you volunteer and local businesses and organizations.



HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships and Grants

The HOPE Scholarship program is for students that have demonstrated academic achievement and are seeking a college degree. There are several ways to become eligible for the HOPE Scholarship, either by graduating from high school as a HOPE Scholar or by earning it while in college.

For more information, please review the HOPE Scholarship regulations.


The HOPE Grant program is for students seeking a technical certificate or diploma, regardless of the student’s high school grade point average or graduation date. For more information, please review the HOPE Grant regulations.


The Zell Miller Scholarship program is for students who have demonstrated academic achievement and are seeking a college degree. Generally, to become eligible, a student must graduate from an eligible high school with a 3.70 GPA and a minimum score on the SAT/ACT. For more information, please review the Zell Miller Scholarship Regulations.


The HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship and HOPE Grant pay a certain amount for tuition. The amount of the award depends on the type of school the student is attending, the number of credit hours the student is enrolled, and the specific tuition rate for the college. To view the award amounts, please view the chart found here .

Examples of Cambridge HS Classes that fulfill

Hope Scholarship Rigor Requirements

Students graduating from high school on or after May 2018, must receive at least four credits from the list below. Please visit GaFutures Rigor Requirement List  for the complete list of eligible courses.

Setting Up a GAFutures Account

Follow this guide to create your GAFutures account, and click here to for a guide on how to find your HOPE GPA.

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